A Pietenpal is a home built airplane that was
desingned in the 1930'2 to be easy to build and
be powered by the Ford model A engine,
they are still being built today, a and many builders
still use the model A engine. Mr Pietenpal built a
few planes with the corvair engine and these pictures
are of a Corvair powered Piet that was built by
Mr. Green in Hilliard Fla. and has been flying for 24 years
with about 500 hours of flying time.

A few pictures from the Jacksonville EAA fly-in
June 17 2000.

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The engine is a 164 cu.in. 110hp from a corvair automoble it has a OT-10 cam and a Sterba 66-33 wood prop and cruses at 3250 rpm.( I do not remember what his cruse speed is). The prop hub was made by Brenie Pietenpal