View a few pictures of some very special people

 The olldfatbauldguy myself in living color

 My sweet wife Loraine --Neon Grandma--
My daughter Pam Vankampen
 Granddaughter Megan (on the right) and cousin Brittany at the Thomas reunion 1998
 Mother and Uncle Dorsey Thomas

 Hilary and Brian Murray
 Daughter Sandra Murray
 My sister Lillian Fay and hubby Harlon Kilgo

My son Allan lives in New Castle Collorado, he is divorced and is raiseing
  his two sons James and Justin.
  View a picture of My Grandson James Austin Thomas
  View a picture of My Grandson Jusitn Thomas
 Very special cousins
 Uncle Omer and Aunt Stacy
 Sam Weirs and family
 Phillip Ott and Russell Weirs
 Tribute to the memory of Robert Weirs
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