Jeff's Blu Baby Trainer

Jeff's Blue Baby Trainer
Very easy to build and fly

I was into radio controlled aircraft about 20 years ago but when the city decided
that we needed another golf course more than a RC flying field I lost interest.
Recently I got interested in electric models and I found an internet sight called RCGroups.
Click here for the RCGroups website
I found the plans for the Blue Baby Trainer that is made from Dow insulation foam
called blue fan fold. It comes in a package that when unfolded measures 4 ft. by 50 ft.
and is about 1/4 inch thick. Here are a few pictures of my flying foam airplanes

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Blue Baby Trainer
I used a built up wing

Blue Baby Trainer
I used a 2 inch Monoblock
for a wider Fus.
Blue Baby Trainer
Krylon H2O paint

The Monoblock makes this a very tough plane it just bounces and cartwheels when I goof up.
For reinforcement and hinges I use a very shear polyester materal that my wife uses for
trim on curtains and attach it with Liquid Fusion glue, MinWax Polycrylic paint
or the Krylon H2O paint they all stick good to the foam.

Blue Baby Trainer
Wheels made from
bottle caps

Blue Baby Trainer
Lots of room inside
Blue Baby Trainer
Battery compartment

The next one I will put the battery compartment in front of the landing gear
Because I tend to build heaver than most people and I needed some weight in the nose.

Blue Baby
Wire for control horn

Blue Baby
Heat shrink for coupling
Blue Baby

I use .032 music wire with heat shrink tubing for a flexible coupling for the control
horns and connection from the servo. I use a Emax 2228 950KVM brush less motor with a
30 amp speed controller. It flies well with a 2 lipo 1500 mah battery and flies very well
with a 3 lipo battery.

Blue Baby
Attached to foam.

Blue Baby
Hinge top
Blue Baby
Polyester material

I use the shear polyester material that I got from my wife for reinforcement of wing center
section and for hinges. I attach it with MinWax Polycrylic paint or Liquid Fusion glue.

Blue Baby Trainer
My Bottle Cap Wheels
Click here to see my wheels

Blue Baby Trainer
My Pizza Box
but that is another story
Blue Baby Trainer
All dressed up and
ready to fly
Click here to view a movie clip of my Pizza box flyer

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Click here to view a movie clip Shot
with a video camers strapped to my 40 inch Blu-baby

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