Jeff G. Thomas

The love of God, family and friends
are the greatest riches
and in that respect I am the richest man on earth.

I am now age 73,and have 10 Great Grand Children

I am officialy old and have been married to My sweet wife Loraine for 39 years.
I Was employed by SEMCO Jacksonville, Fla for 23 years. SEMCO was bought
by Best Access Systems, which is a division of Stanley works.
I Graduated Lakeview High School Winter Garden, Fla in      1961

... My family

I am the Grandson of James Jefferson Thomas of Brooklyn, Ala
   and the son of Harvey J. and Camie Thomas
Our Children are;
Sandra Kay Thomas/Murray, Pamela Lynn Thomas/Vankampen,
Jeffrey Allan Thomas
Robert Weirs, Sam Weirs, and Phillip Ott

... my interest

In 2010 We Celebrated Mothers
100 th, Birthday
Camie E. Jones Thomas was born
May 5 1910

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There are many more pictures at

Visit us at the 2010 Thomas Reunion
in Brooklyn, Alabama

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Service to God,
Ham Radio,
Homebuilt aircraft, Aviation,
Bowers Flybaby's
Radio control aircraft built from faom Click here to view my foam airplanes

Jeff and Jerry have a new toy

and Peitenpols.

We saw William Wynne's Corvair powered Piet at Sun-n-Fun